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August 9, 2017

I just cleaned my laptop screen for the first time since purchasing it and HEY GUYS? ITS PRETTY AMAZING. go clean your laptop. I'm sure it needs it. *becomes human who obsessively removes smudges now* ahem. But, let's move onto more important topics. Like  f e a r 


a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc, whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

I'm actually kinda curious here. I almost don't want to make this a post filled with advice and stuffs...but hahah lets face it. It'll probably turn out that way. I would really like you to ask yourself before you read any further one question though. Write down the answer in the comment box if you want...but here it is - WHAT ARE YOU SCARED OF????? 

Because admit it. There is a lot to be scared about today. like

  • what we are eating/whats in it/what happened to it/where it came from/how it was made
  • that time is slipping away and it'll never come back
  • government. (not going any further but ikr) 
  • going back to school or leaving for college (PLUS ALSO TAKING A GAP YEAR. thats scary too k)
  • walking into walmart. am i the only one? 
  • the dark (wait is that just me?..... jk jk jk *nervous chuckle*)
  • meeting new people #introvert
  • THAT BIG THING CALLED CHANGE *runs away in utter fear*
  • not being able to find those two dumb pennies at the cash register AND THERE IS A LINE

That's hardly even a list. It took me a few seconds to compile that. We are humans and GOODNESS we have fears. It's natural. Now here is the second question I want you to answer... WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU ARE SCARED? 

  • run away in fear?
  • face it and yell for it to go away?
  • learn to not be scared anymore? 
  • flop onto your bed and scroll on pinterest? 

Don't be scared to be honest here. I've done them all. there have been days where fear takes me a hold so strong. There is a legit thing called the fight or flight reaction. IT IS REAL. I've experienced it. I never really thought I would be the type of person who would run when afraid...but yup. And, fighting? I've done that as well. 

there is just one thing. I get so beat down sometimes and its like "that's it. this is the end." #dramatic BUT TRUTH YA KNOW. It isn't just me who feels this way. i know it. So....what do I do? 

I do it again. and again. and again. which is basically failure....another one I should have added up on that list blah. But, being afraid is a trap. Listen to what God has to say about fear.

Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name. You are mine. (Isaiah 43:1)
For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2nd Timothy 1:7) 

There is truth in these words. And, strength. We've got power in Christ to shake away from fears which holds on tight. You can hold onto only one thing, I'm afraid. I've seen it in myself.

F E A R S  V S  C O U R A G E  

I believe I would find it hard to grasp if you told me you enjoy being afraid...bc nobody does, k? Let's be real with each other. GUYS WE DONT HAVE TO BE AFRAID. JESUS HAS SET US FREE. Don't hold onto fear when you can hold onto something so much better with so many more exciting things ahead. Let's beat the things which have a grip on us. 

plus. There are only so many days left. Live them full. 

btw. here is another things I'm terrified about. I SENT MY BOOK OUT TO ALPHA READERS PRAY FOR ME. 

WHAT DID YOU DO THIS WEDNESDAY?(whoops its thursday now?)


  1. I think talking about our fears and acknowledging them is one step towards conquering them. :)
    I have a lot of fears because I'm HUMAN. However, life has been throwing some scary stuff at me and I've learnt that you can actually go through a lot more than you realize, with Christ. (For example? At the start of this year, (for a complicated reason) I had one week to determine what type of course I wanted to study online. That was scary. Let alone learning through something that wasn't AT THE DINING ROOM TABLE. I had to talk to people that weren't my Mummy, all by my wittle wittle self! *gasp* I had to have a procedure done on my heart earlier in the year, because some weird things have been happening with it. (First time I have ever been to hospital, too. I only stayed in overnight, but it was enough to scare me.) My brother got engaged (first one in the family) and the word CHANGE is coming tearing at me right now. He's going to move out. I'm going to have a new sister. Things will never be the same again. It's taking me awhile to process this.)


    My fears?
    I'm terrified of getting lost.
    I'm scared to be alone.
    I completely and utterly DREAD failing. Failing people, letting others down, not doing my best etc.
    I'm scared to lose people I love.
    I'm terrified that I'll waste my life and won't be able to live it fully and do everything I COULD HAVE DONE.

    But... I'm still alive. ;) And Jesus has already shown me that life isn't half as scary if you realize that you are under God's protecting arm. That your heavenly Daddy is watching over you, and loves you more than you can understand. And also, encouragement from other people when you need it most helps SO much.

    And because I'm such a big Cinderella fan, the quote "Have courage and be kind" is something I honestly want to live by.

  2. "There are only so many days left. Live them full." <-- yes yes. <33 I loved this post so much, honestly.

    Hmm random things I'm afraid of are 1) letting down people's expectations 2) looking weak 3) moisturizing cream. It's disgusting, honestly. ew. 4) SO MANY THINGS. All these thoughts are in my head but there's too many and they don't want to take turns to come out.

    Basically this post though. <33

    1. aw man Jane, seriously, writing it was HARD. so thank you <3

      yes. wow. those are strong fears but WHAT MOISTURIZING CREAM? You mean lotion?! I cannot live without it. o.o

      basically this comment tho <3

  3. What a lovely post Julia. <3

    What am I afraid of?
    The dark.
    Creepy noises in an empty house.
    Never truly living up to my potential.

    Keep it up-this was wonderful.

    1. ohh man Mira, you're the sweetest.

      *nods* yup
      and omw yes
      and..ouch. Yes also

      *covers face* gahh thanks

  4. WALKING INTO WALMART YES. I guess because there are so many strange people?? idk

    I am afraid of being too much of an introvert. of getting lost in my mind. Of people thinking I don't love them because I don't talk to them all the time .

    And also meat. I'm afraid of meat. xD

    1. BRO YES SOMEONE WHO RELATES!! and *nods* that is totally the reason.

      wow, girl. *hugs you* I'm sure nobody thinks you don't love them! I assure you they don't ;)

      MEAT?! Man. I love meat lol!! #sorry

  5. P.S. I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award, if you feel like doing it! Go to my blog to check it out!

    1. ohh thanks!! *clicks on your blog link*

  6. GIRL, are you trying to tell me something?? XDD jk jk (sort of, heheheee) - great post, Ju! SO TRUE. That scripture from Isaiah <333 I THINK two of my biggest fears would be failure and not measuring up - not being good enough, in many forms. LIFE IS SCARY. But YES YES we have Jesus and He conquered all and I gotta remember that. (Been trying with this football thing, LOL XD)

    1. hmmmm possibly?? XD Actually, it's more like I've been thinking about this a lot since our conversations. ;) Wow..yeah, those are two common fears! AND LEGIT ONES. And dude exactly you are so right <3333

  7. Julia, You hit me right in the heart. Like I have all this stuff I'm dealing with right now, and you just came and dumped this post in my lap. Like...girl...I can't, wow. This post means so much to me, like if you ever thought you weren't making a difference with your blog and your life (which I don't see how you could, but maybe) PLEASE don't think that because YOU ARE. My, so much. That's what the devil hits me with so much, FEAR. I have such a huge problem trusting God, and I hate it that I do. I'm afraid of robbers, of strange noises, death, identity theft, people thinking bad of me, that I'll never be good at anything, that maybe I'm wasting the time I have, etc. The list goes on...and on...and on. Anyway, I know that was a lot of rambling. Sorry. *sheepish grin* I just wanted you to know how very much this post means to me. Thank you.

    Oh, and, to answer your question, today I did school, dishes, practiced my violin, worked out, read, and watched a movie. :)

    1. Abigail...idk..I will honestly say its because this is what I'm dealing with myself! Seriously girl....i don't even know what to say! You're making me speechless!! (which believe me, ask my family, that's hard to do lol) wow....your fears are real tho! That's part of it too. like.. I'm not sitting here going "OH IM SO SCARED OF THE MONSTER UNDER MY BED." cuz duh there aren't any under there. Aww, well you mean a lot to me girl. and, I'll be praying for you. We can conquer these fears in Christ!

      That legit sounds like a good day AND YOU CAN PLAY VIOLIN! #jealous XD

  8. Love these pictures like WOW!
    I really liked this post. I am afraid of so many things. *laughs*
    Right now I'm afraid of being an annoying cousin. *shrugs*
    I've always been afraid of being left out or forgotten.
    Or that maybe people are only with me because they feel bad for me - because I have no girl cousins my age and when I was little the older girls had to be told to play with me. *winks*
    What did I do today? ran to town to pick up my little sisters friend, and then just sat at home all day - texting and Snapchatting with cousins (which is where the fear of being an annoying cousin comes in ;P) and... that's it??? of course, the day isn't over yet :P

    1. EEP really?! I'm so glad!! They make me so happy. <3
      man #relatable
      Dude that whole list makes so much sense i get it. but hey! Don't worry about the little things k ;) And that sounds like a good day too! Relaxing is beautiful

  9. AHHHHHH this is so encouraging! Just what I needed, but you probably knew that already! XD Love you bunches, girly!! <3<3<3

    1. AHHH girl YOU are so encouraging <33 yeah... I kinda wrote this for a lot of people, including myself tho! aww <3 love you more ;) ;) ;)

  10. Wow... fear? I have way too many. Trusting in God is something I really need to work on. I guess it's something we all struggle with.
    Change. That's a big fear. Change... something I've ever experienced so often in my life, you'd think I'd get used of it. But I'm not used of it. And it stills frightens me.
    That's one fear I've never told anyone about. But I've lost too many's hard.
    Messing up. Being a failure. Wasting my life. Not being 'good' enough. Not being able to stand up for things I believe in.
    Being alone... not really being physically alone. Just FEELING alone. seriously, they scare me.
    Clowns. THOSE THINGS TERRIFY ME. *shudders and hides face*
    The list goes on.
    But fear is something that, although I struggle often, I know it can be overcome, because I know, in truth, I have nothing to fear with my Savior by my side.
    Often when I get greatly afraid, a good cry and a strong hug is all I need to let go of it.
    Thank you, Julia! You really are a precious jewel!

    1. LAKAYSHA.
      like how am I even supposed to respond to this?! They are so in depth and true. AND YES CLOWNS ARE TERRIFYING OH GOSH WHY ARE THOSE EVEN A THING?
      *hugs you* Yeah..i know what you mean.
      oh man, Lakaysha! You're the sweetest gal!! <3

  11. I actually thought this entire post was going to be about alpha reading and I came in here all prepared to give you a pep talk- BUT INSTEAD I GOT THE PEP TALK? Love the point of this post though, nice work. :D

    1. I cracked up. cuz I basically wrote this post over my fear about it but was like NOPE CANT DO THAT PEOPLE WILL COMPLAIN. lololololololol and you're welcome for the pep talk. Anytime

  12. Wow, talk about relevant. Fear is such an irrational thing - one day I'm afraid of failing, the next day I worried about what will happen if I succeed. Those verses and the conclusion you drew is so powerful though. We've only got one life, and not only does it make sense to live it fearless, but we can because of Him.

    I like this post a lot, Julia. Thanks for putting this goodness out there. Also, it reminds me of a song which my sister recently shared about here: (Shameless plug - she's my sister, okay?!)

    1. Girl. That's like the neatest way to put's so sadly true, too! Oh, thank you! I'm not really sure where this whole post came from..God I guess XD And totally!!!!

      Jessica, you inspire me! All of your posts are just jam packed with goodness. (and hahaha sisters are the best, aren't they?! XD)

  13. More beautiful skies!! You're so great, Julia. <3 <3

    Sophy of

    1. Awww I love my pretty sky! <3 Gosh...girl *covers face* thhhaannnkkks xD

  14. Replies
    1. -inserts ice cream cones here- THANK YOU FOR BREAKING THE SPELL

    2. Oh my woooord legit I still can't believe that this ACTUALLY WORKED XD Sarah would be proud of the tech brilliance here

    3. me either!! man, wouldn't she?! and who's bright idea was it??? hhmmm??? *grins*

  15. Wow, this was so incredible. Like, one of my FAVORITE posts you have EVER done!!! What am I afraid of...? Everything you listed. Also, someone finding all of my faults. Seeing through my mask. (The dark, yes, you're not alone. xD) Failing. Being someone I don't want to be but I fear I cannot change.

    Amelia xxx

    1. goodness, Amelia, you must be joking! It's your FAVORITE?!? gosh! I'm speechless....or typeless? idk XD wow tho..your list is so realistic. like ouch. Also, I just did a poem on the feeling of's so real for me :P

  16. This is definitely not my only fear, but I am slightly claustrophobic. Also, you know in airports where you've passed the gate and you're going to the plane itself and the whole corridor is tiny but endlessly long? I hate when I can't see the entrance and don't even know how far away it is. It helps to breathe in and out consciously for a bit, as well as reminding myself that it'll be okay. :)

    Thanks so much for the post!


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